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слова песни Babyface - Anyway

You know that I'm crazy 'bout you babe
Why do you play with me anyway anyway

Is that anyway for you to treat somebody who loves you
Who thinks the world of you
You know you can't treat me anyway
Is that anyway for you to treat somebody who needs you
Goin' out their way to please you
I must be crazy but anyway

You know the buttons to push you know the words to say
You got the smile to use to get your own way
I'm getting paid you got it made in the shade
And every day is like a holiday
You know my weakness you know I can't say no
You know my no means yes and my stop mean go
You're taking me for a ride and this is how it looks from my side
Peep the game


I catch you out flirtin' with the boys in the hood
You turn it round make me feel I misunderstood
Every time I'm the last to know
Here's your academy award for puttin' on the greatest show
Momma told me 'bout girls like you
And all the trouble they can put you through
I give you love but you make me pay
When you turn around and give it all away


Baby baby baby baby
Can't I believe the games you play just to get your own way
Baby baby baby baby
All along you get me up waitin' for your perfect payday
Baby baby baby baby
It's comin' back to you and you will be mortified tore up inside
Baby baby baby baby
Me and my new shorty will be rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'

Girl you make me say hey when you do me this way
You blew my mind and made me blind
I couldn't read the signs

Hook to fade

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Babyface: Babyface - американский певец, прославившийся в качестве самого популярного продюсера ритм-энд-блюза 1990-х. Начал музыкальную карьеру в конце 1970-х гг. В 1992—1997 гг. Эдмондс царил на вершине американских чартов, но не с сольными записями, а с песнями, которые он написал и спродюсировал для Уитни Хьюстон, Мадонны и других исполнителей.... дальше >>

слова песни Babyface - Anyway

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