слова песни B5 - Can I Get Your 7's, текст песни B5 - Can I Get Your 7's

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слова песни B5 - Can I Get Your 7's


Hey yo whats up lil lady let's talk 4 a minute
I can see u starin shawty leave the party and walk 4 a minute
I don't see wit no other guys
you rockin them hazel eyes ur hips got me hypnotized
I had to come and say hi to you
all i really wanna do is get ur name and ur number boo
know my games rel strong but u got to put me on
as to how i'm gon get wit u
u see i'm lookin at those thighs ur hot i'm not
gonna lie baby ur lookin fly and I won't let u deny
the truth

Carnell Bridge:
She said her name was Keshia
it's really nice to meet ya
shes heard of me be4 was either or
but let me please ya
give up them 7 digits
she told me she was wit it
if u would call we'll hit the mall
don't matter we'll just kick it

Can i get them 7's grl i wan't it
and i can tell u feel the same way grl
u wan't it so stop playin games wit me grl
jump on it and we can do what u wanna do
grl it's up to u alright 2x

Baby grl won't u come relax wit me 4 a minute
cuz i never seen no grl do the things u do had me blink
for a minute [ay]
leanin and rockin,u and me ain't no stoppin
baby it's on and poppin grl just chill wit me tonite
we can chill at the party babygirl and u wanna
come and kick it wit P-A-T
B5 stay oh so fresh dope diamond's on her neck
will make u freeze i kno u feelin what i;m sayin
baby just kick back how bout we talk
for a while then you give me that baby

Carnell Bridge

Chorus [2x]

Kelly rap:
Checkin u out at the club
and grl u got me so curious, i was bouncin then i bump
you split ur drink on purpose
oops my bad lil shawty let me help u clean that up
u smiled at me when u saw me put my number up in ur cup
you know you got that thunder[ay]
so gon give me ur number[ay]
you think that i'm a stunna[ay]
so gon give me that number[ay]
and there won't be a thing to regret
listen lil mama i stay cashin the check
big stacks on the dash and when i'm around
ya shawty i picture a big diamond round ur neck ay


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слова песни B5 - Can I Get Your 7's

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