слова песни Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna be Alright, текст песни Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna be Alright

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слова песни Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna be Alright

50 Cent:

I wanna be the reason you smile after you wipe your tears
The reason you have the courage to confront your fears
The reason there's 2 karats in each of your ears
Whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine
So When i shine, you shine
Find the champagne, we can toast to like, a crap table in vegas
You can toss the dice
Don't let your friends get you confused
Saying he is bad news
I need you in my life, girl
You're too much to lose


It's funny cause
For awhile
I walked around with a smile, but
Deep inside
I could hear voices tellin me this ain't right
Dont you know
It's not for you,
I always knew what i had to do
But it's hard to get away
Cause i love you
Why i just try to say i dont


I used to say i couldnt do it but i did it I've been telling everybody that i wasnt with it It brings tears to my eyes i can feel it And that voice inside says im gonna be alright


Friends of mine Say to me Say you got control over me You're not alone I played my part I saw the way you were from the start Could i expect so much from you? You had a girl when i first met you You did the best that you could do, Now i realize that i cant change you

Chorus x2

Said i wouldnt walk away Some days i want to stay

But leaving you is what i need to do to be ok Never thought it would be true To be living without you But now its time for me to make that move

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Jennifer Lopez

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слова песни Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna be Alright

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