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слова песни OutKast - Hootie Hoo

[Big Boi]
Hootie Hoo
Follow the funk from the skunk
and the dank that is crunk in the Dungeon
It goes on and on and on, like that
Goin out to the Jeeps and hoes in the 'llac
Ah suki, suki
All day and day, any day, every damn day
I be thinkin about the good ol' days when I was a whippersnapper
Used to try to get a kiss, but now it be them draws I'm after
I'm just a Southernplayalistic pimp
I used to slang a fat rock, but now I'm servin hemp
I never even smoked a gram of crack, but yo I'm dope
Mo' doper than a junkie or a Pooky cause it's on
So each one, teach one, I be claimin true
To East Pointe and College Park and the things I used to do
Around ATL, home of the pimps and the money makers
Club niggaz, Magic City and them Southern playas
I never said I was a gangsta but I will do ya
So Hallelujah, Hallelujah
One for the playas at the crib, drinking drinks
And two is for the sound, Hootie Hoo that I make


Hootie Hoo
Tight like hallways, smoked out always(Hootie Hoo)
Yeah, Hootie Hoo
Big Boi on the left, Andre's on my right
Tight like hallways, smoked out always (Hootie Hoo)

[Andre Benjamin]
Now playin these bitches is my favorite sport
But ain't no game when they be callin your name in the court
Oh, it's Saturday night, I guess that makes it alright
Got an obese twenty sack, fully packed, it's so tight
That it's bustin out the seems, yes sir, I'm set
Oh, but let me tuck the 380 before I jet
Hops off in the Lac with Big Gipp, you got a light(Hootie Hoo)
Communication device dun went off twice
Should I answer the call, yes, I'm mackin 'em all
We met 'em up in the mall, recall Player's Ball
Well, it's Player's Ball 2, so I guess I'll call you
Later on, and then your whole crew can fall through
Now later on done got here
I takes a peek, now let me see, what do we got here?
Draws, fallin down like niggaz in a drive-by
I got up in them hoes and I told 'em bye bye
About two weeks later, she called me with some bullshit
Talkin 'bout her period late, guess what I did
Naw, it couldn't be me. Not me


[Big Boi]
Uh, well you know we gettin blizzard cuz we got that chicken gizzard

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OutKast: OutKast — дуэт американских рэперов Андре Бенджамина (под псевдонимом Dré и André 3000) и Антвана Паттона (под псевдонимом Big Boi), который представляет атлантскую школу хип-хопа, замешанную на джи-фанке и классическом южном соуле. Лауреаты шести премий «Грэмми», Outkast развернули хип-хоп-движение южных штатов США. дальше >>

слова песни OutKast - Hootie Hoo

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