слова песни Bellator - The Ultimate Decay, текст песни Bellator - The Ultimate Decay

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слова песни Bellator - The Ultimate Decay

Birds exhale a toneless song
while growing goes reversed
The queasing sight of rotting leaves
In shriveling sunlight blurrs
Forever is the hunger
That drives us to the skies
Survival of the fittest
Will lead us to demise

Devastation takes control, returning to the Age of Holes
Mankind signing it's doom, for ressurection there's no room
The world will suffer, helpless, the Ultimate Decay

"Since the fruit of the Forbidden Tree
brought Death into this world
Banished from the Realm of Bliss
The Paradise on earth
Forever we'll be striving
To equal the Most High
But Eden is still guarded
All access is still denied.."

Oceans filled with poison, slowly turning black
Mountains are spitting fire and ash, giant streams of red

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слова песни Bellator - The Ultimate Decay

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