слова песни Bellator - Ascension, текст песни Bellator - Ascension

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слова песни Bellator - Ascension

Thousands of men together
Synchronized in blood and pain
The whips are cracking their bodies
His power engraved in their souls
Finally, the perpetuation
Damnation holds grip of the land
Shadows are cast upon the deserted
As the sun lowers the day?

Ordaining the ritual cleansing
Soft flesh leaves through his mouth
To preserve in an excavated silence
Accompanied by his resigned queen

"Slowly the night is changing,
as the portal will guide his spirit to the stars
Long was the wait in advance of the completion,
but the stage is now set for?ASCENSION"

Alone, naked and floating
Embosomed by senselessness
But not bereaved of his limbs
The struggle towards the surface

"His breath of life upon me
I leave my mortal remains
His fluid spilled all over
I'm raised, enriched with power"

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слова песни Bellator - Ascension

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