слова песни Bellator - The Warlord, текст песни Bellator - The Warlord

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слова песни Bellator - The Warlord

As the sun rises on the battlefield
Only one figure dominates the area
His shadow glides across the field
Now hear his tale

Born as a son of the gods
He was the King of the Dark Realms
With his Dragon Armour
And his flaming sword
He promised he would slay them all

Chorus: The warlord
With Odin by his side
The warlord
Last one of a feared race
The warlord
Unleashed upon you all

Wading through pools of blood
Still he's craving for more
Butchering all the disbelievers
Sons of the vikings follow his lead


Leading a growing band of nobles
Their goal was planned by gods
All the unholy will fall
Under the blades of the knights


Now, they're standing victorious
As the last enemies are slain
And the remainders are eaten by wolves
The gods are smiling as they ride

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слова песни Bellator - The Warlord

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