слова песни OutKast - Extraterrestrial, текст песни OutKast - Extraterrestrial

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слова песни OutKast - Extraterrestrial

Big boi:

Peep what i say
Everyday--the sun sets just like clockwork
Put the glock to work
And puttin the body to standstlls
Man it kills me
Taking that life is like taking a shit
Hit or miss--niggas are playing god
Trying to rob and steal
That's why ya gotta guard ya grill
Like a barbecue--cause them harming you
Are just like honeybees swarming you
Vocally arming you was my responsibility
It's killing me--thinking that all these niggas
See they fly shit--thinking they steven segall an
Balling--falling to the wayside when ya try to call
I've fallen--when we was little nappy headed niggas in the projects
But now they carjacks, wait on income tax and unsafe sex
They get the tecs to flex--like solo for tha lo-lo
Smoke same thing no-no--not this time
Niggas around my way can rhyme
So fuck that country shit--we done a bunch of shit
And yes ya heard of this--out of this world like e.t.
Coming across ya t.v.
Extraterrestrial--straight from atl.

(know what i'm saying--like that--yeah)


Out of this world
Are you alien?
(repeat 3x)

Out of this world.......


Right now i'm smiling
Taking advantage of this moment
Cause there might not be another soon
Holding on to memories like roller coaster handle bars
Tightly cause i'm slightly off my rocker--but to you
I may appear to be your average joe
But little do you know
That even joe got problems that he gots to joust with
Floating in this game of life
Despite how out of place you may feel
In this race oh you just can't quit
Ain't that a bitch--that being heat
I'm on the beat like cops
Only cultivate the stable dirt when i skeet my drops
No concentrating knocking other niggas out the box
Why?--cause in a sense
See we all be kind of fly
Just can't be scared to spread your wings
Head to better things
Maybe the mockingbird and nightengale
They want to sing--keeping this thing alive
To the table's what we bring
We like hailstorms and blizzards in the middle of the spring

(out of this world--things like that--yo)


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слова песни OutKast - Extraterrestrial

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