слова песни Ангелина Завальская - Mayday, текст песни Ангелина Завальская - Mayday

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слова песни Ангелина Завальская - Mayday

In the moment of despair
Needing you to come and find me there
Like In a dream
Yet unseen
Colors into my life
You bring
From the bottom to the sky
Be the one to show me how to fly
Call your name
Once again
Oh do I still believe in fate

Come save me
I’m ready
I’m sending
A mayday
Take my pain away
Get my heart unchained
Embrace me
I’m waiting
Break that cross
I’m bearing
Let us run away
Baby come what may

Never showed you what’s inside
Now I truly know the time is right
I’m no more
Cause for my ache you bring the cure

Chorus: -


Hear me
Look for my signal and don’t lose me
It`s in my music
In my art
It`s coming from my heart

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слова песни Ангелина Завальская - Mayday

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