слова песни Ashley Tisdale - Queen Of Mars, текст песни Ashley Tisdale - Queen Of Mars

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слова песни Ashley Tisdale - Queen Of Mars

Tanto tiempo disfrutamos deste amor
Nuestras almas se acercaron tanto asi
Me GUARDO you savor
Pero tu llevas tambien
Savor a mi.

No love without hate would not be
Undead life so you can not understand
White to black unloosen
Good bad you choose
No way I know of.
Just cannot always on the road
In God's care
My tent's palace
That's my life.

That's my life
Walk barefoot through the light
I put roses in par
And I feel like a queen
Play with the fire

My body without shame
For that I was given
Wandering far and wide
And give my heart.

That's my life
All booth gather
And started dancing crazy
Eee ... I am the Queen ...
I am The Queen
Over my tent

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слова песни Ashley Tisdale - Queen Of Mars

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