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слова песни Korn - End

(Mike) Hi there aah...is it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on your dodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure what it is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle vavler strikes dash pot rod the rod must push diaphragm back before it can be moved back air must be pushed up in. This will cause the diaphragm to move slowly when the throttle vavler is moved away stream will force the diaphragm out the air must now vent the dash pot is ready to work again.
(Jerry) Is this...to this?
(Mike) I don't care what that---
(Jerry) The rod that their talking about-
(Mike) I don't care what that looks like Jerry, I'm telling you what the dash pot is... where's the dash pot on here Jerry?
(Jerry) I don't know.
(Husband) the dash pot is inside Jerry where its hooked up at...
(Jerry) and that's not made---
(Mike) AND THAT IS NOT made to regulate the FUCKIN' choke going back and forth---
(Jerry) and that's not the end loader...
(Mike) That's so you can get pure fuel in there as soon as you start cranking it over WRRR! WRRRR! It starts sucking and when it starts sucking this choke here...cause you can't just have pure fuel you won't light you have to have a little bit of oxygen...it sucks open and it cracks the choke like this and that's how that works.
(Jerry) That is not what you just said.
(Mike) I said NO JERRY THE HEATING IS THE MOTHER FUCKING SPRING this one here as soon as you start turning it over the engine its supposed to pull it back when the vacuum starts, when the vacuum starts nothing to do with fucking heat vacuum.
(Jerry) Why are you screaming?
(Husband) because you say well you said its supposed to work off heat no Jerry.
(Jerry) you said as the car gradually warms up...
(Mike) as it gradually warms up this mother fucker with the coil the spring opens it up this has already done its job the only thing its job is to do is when your cranking the engine up after its been choked all it does is pull back then it cracks open just a pinch ...
(Jerry) Then you don't know what its called...
(Mike) The choke vacuum diaphragm, (nose blow) I mean its right there in the book.
(Jerry) Sure it is.
(Mike) Oh God your a hard hard women to live with Jerry
(Jerry) If it was right here in the book I would have found it.
(Mike) Oh you mother fucker you asshole you stupid son of a bitch YOU SHOWED IT TO ME!
(Jerry) What Mike?
(Mike) you showed me the God damb thing in the book that s how I knew what it was.
(Jerry) Get out of here and quit yelling at me.
(Mike) No, Jerry your fucked!
(Jerry) I haven't seen that in there---
(Mike) I haven't seen it you stupid son of a bitch

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Korn: Korn - американская мультиплатиновая ню-метал-группа. Считаются основателями жанра ню-метал. Они заложили основы музыки, являющейся смесью гранжа, фанка и грув-метала, к которым зачастую добавлялся индастриал и хип-хоп. После того, как по всему миру было продано более 3 миллионов копий их дебютного одноимённого альбома,... дальше >>

слова песни Korn - End

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