слова песни Dj Ironik - Dear Diary, текст песни Dj Ironik - Dear Diary

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слова песни Dj Ironik - Dear Diary

[Ironik Speakin']
its ironik,

Let me show you the real deal,
Never met ma dad,
But im here still,
Still livin it up,
I aint givin it up,
I wanna mill deal,
And i knw that you know how i feel,
So i dont regret the fact tht ur not here,
Me only havin a mums is not fair,
So i got a stepdad,
And thts y hes here,
And thats y hes here for me,
He does this for me,
Does that for me,
Somets that you wasnt here to do man,
And now i dont have care for you,
Im not carin for you,
Im livin ma life,
And hes still blessed,
And now ma music is now for ur interest,
I have fans all over the world,
Ryte over the globe,
Ma mums,
Stepdad, sisters and friends,
Is all i need,
They got all ma love man,

So look whr i am now,
I got a lil fame,
And i gotta luk whr i stand now,
Cos i got so much haters,
And i gotta keep prepared for what They got planned out,
Got haters, yeh i got quite a few,
And i dint just....
They hate cos thr not im ma shoes,
And females, when they get to Know me,
Anyways for haters,
I dont keep em focused,
Cos im better than them,
And they know this,
Only care for the fame and ma name,
Dat will make man say,
Hey cuz dis voltage,
Thr u go,
Thts my life,
Hustling for the p,
In a high price,
Am sorted,
Thats what i do and i do,
And they try to reverse me like...

Dear diary,
Life for me is kinda fuked
I aint wit ...nemore,
And i dont want a wifey nemore,
Even tho wen shes around,
She brightens things up,
But on the real,
All dis wifey fings fuked,
Cos im in love wit the roads,
And i miss...bosco,
But at the same time,
She expects me to tighten things up,
Between me and her,
At first i was on it,
But all dis beef ting,
Got between me and her,
Now im only bovered about this guy,
Thats tellin people,
That its me hes guna murk,
Fuk dat,
He knows im not a prick,
Or a burk,
He cud never take me as a kick to the kirb,
He was chattin shit in his verse,
So fuk it,
I did grab the blitz n i burst,
Dat day was the worst,
Fuk it,
Dat day was fuked up,
I lost ma temper so bad,
I tryed to burn his face,
Me tryin to burn that waste.
back den,
Was obviously ma worst mistake,
Cos now im at home on kurfew,
Wiv an attempted murder case

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слова песни Dj Ironik - Dear Diary

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