слова песни All Living Fear - Excuses, текст песни All Living Fear - Excuses

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слова песни All Living Fear - Excuses

Dreaming by the fire,
erotic thoughts spark your desire.
Lust filled eyes stare brighter,
heaving chest, your breath pulls tighter.
Sensual touch, it tingles.
Redolent sex, perspiration mingles.
Forbidden fruit it ripens, tension mounts,
new voyage frightens.
Proceedings in abeyance,
featherlite touch for your compliance.
Recumbent in your splendour,
your fate unrolled, complete surrender.
Insistent coercion expanding,
incandescent core with love's demanding.
No comfort in your acquaintance,
imperceptible pain from your complaisance.

I'm that kind of guy, once bitten twice shy.
The bats have left the belfry now the blood's run dry.
Teddy's in the corner, put your toys away.
If you want to be an adult then you'll play my way.

You're always making excuses.
Always making excuses.
To me.

Journey's almost over,
climax near, your beau gets bolder.
Whimpered sigh, it's hurting.
Bravado's gone, your lust deserting.
Idyllic moment shattered.
Innocence torn, for him no matter.
No glory in devotion.
Love's a foolish game with one conclusion.

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слова песни All Living Fear - Excuses

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