слова песни Agnostic Front - Force Feed, текст песни Agnostic Front - Force Feed

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слова песни Agnostic Front - Force Feed

four hundred years ago as enforced today,
the barriers built then to reform undesirable prey.
removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles.
once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar.
for in this house you call our home,
your righteous land, your torturous tombs.
lust in our future to strengthen our eyes overlook instigations made of immoral lies.
force fed lies.
keep our lives in colors, animosity you feed.
create a need of power, when men wear shades of green.
now pit us, bait us and place us on your board.
come arm us, force us, and use us in your war.
again in our valley where the buffalo roamed
your sociopathic battle mourned 7 new souls.
the mission a success, divide and conquer technique.
the creator not a myth, just an injurious elite.

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слова песни Agnostic Front - Force Feed

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