слова песни Agnostic Front - The Tombs, текст песни Agnostic Front - The Tombs

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слова песни Agnostic Front - The Tombs

face society and its bias laws.
roam through endless courts and its corruptive jaws.
they say a man is innocent till proven guilty.
for sure they meant the opposite in reality.
forced to a plea, forced to give in.
refused to seek justice, chosen to turn their chins.
now youve got their offers.
he say you cant refuse.
they choose your public defender to be sure youll give in and lose.
dont get caught dont give in and lose.
nothing beats the truth to be set free.
minute turn to hours, hours to days.
days into nightmares with therapy pain.
forced into a plea to withdraw your rights.
fell into its contents refusing to continue the fight.
now the truth is sought, costly in its length.
time to be set free, regain your natural strength.
dont fall into-broken rules-dont be fooled.
hold strong, stay free.

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слова песни Agnostic Front - The Tombs

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