слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 2 Sides, текст песни Afflicted (UK) - 2 Sides

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 2 Sides

the love that I felt is over, because of the hate that I know is stronger,
now numb from the pain I feel no longer, come on..
Let the hatred grow, let the hatred grow until there's nothing left in me..

Oh forgive me father, for I have sin like no other,
forgive me for all I have suffered. now I must slumber..
The hatred grows, I can feel it grow, I can feel it grow.. It's taking over me..

Can't stop remembering.. All the things he has done to me..
All the mocking, all the laughing, there is one way he'll stop his cursing..
I can feel it grow, if I let it grow, if I let it grow, it takes all of me..

I find I've been deceived, the enemy was deep within me,
it was me, I knew, I didn't want to believe.. I was him, he was me..
I knew he was me.. I could feel him grow, I could feel him grow, he was consuming me.. Nothing left of me..

I'm deceived by my own mind,
I'm tricked by my own eyes,
coz you know I'm torn,
torn between both sides..

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 2 Sides

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