слова песни Afflicted (UK) - Purity, текст песни Afflicted (UK) - Purity

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - Purity

With your blood on my hands,
have I stained the purity of our love?
Tried to keep you from the unclean..
Should have kept you from me..

Its just you and I in the open fields..
The emotion your eyes - so real..
The sky dies, the shadows embrace us,
say goodbye to the romance, and welcome the lust..

Stand up,
you know I had to rise up,
you know I had to deal with the situation
that couldn't possibly happen..

Realize, I was emotionally
Paralyzed, I held you passionately,
my actions belie my intentions and I-
Realize, you stay devoted to me
by my side, I held you passionately,
my actions belie my intentions..

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - Purity

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