слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 5:00 AM, текст песни Afflicted (UK) - 5:00 AM

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 5:00 AM

Too Late, I know its too late, but I just wanted to say..
Im sorry .. I'm so sorry...
Before you go... I just wanted you to know..
That I'm sorry .. so sorry ..

The same .. Every day feels the same ..
And Im sorry .. I'm so sorry...
Belief... It's all I have, it's all I need....
But I'm sorry .. so sorry ..

I've been thinking of the pain ..
I've been Living with the shame...
How many times could I possibly say,
that I'm sorry?
We both know that its just a word..
Something that you've already heard..
I know that it wont stop the hurt,
but I'm sorry...

I don't expect you to turn around..
I didn't want to let you down...
I didn't want to tell you.. But I need to..
I finally know.. What I've been doing wrong..

Through my eyes, or though my dreams ..
I'm holding on to hope.. hoping to hold on..
freeze my life, or so it seems..
I'm holding on to hope.. Hoping to hold on..

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слова песни Afflicted (UK) - 5:00 AM

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