слова песни Марта - The Wings, текст песни Марта - The Wings

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слова песни Марта - The Wings

Boria Waits-lyrics

Day, another day
Another rush
And all your life you’re on the run
You try to stop, you try to stay
But never win
You’re not the one

You stand up tall to reach the sky
You are to live you are to die
Whatever is your always try
To spread your wings of love and fly

Night, another night
Throughout your life
The stars are yours and wishing star
You never sleep, you wanna know
You never wait you start the car

Time and time again
You never stop
To laugh and cry, to heal and hunt
You can foresee
You can be blind
Too much of it I’m the sort

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слова песни Марта - The Wings

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