слова песни Марта - Lost Paradise, текст песни Марта - Lost Paradise

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слова песни Марта - Lost Paradise

Boria Waits-lyrics

She was leaving this place, barren soil
He was looking away, nice and blind
Toying with your dead, dead memories
Tell me now everything different
Talking of yourself to yourself in the night
Ghosts are strictly faced never smile, never cry
She will stop the game breaking vase cursing gods
He will end the day blasting everything

Lost and found again
Born and grown to die
Tell me nothing is new
Still will everything cry?
Lost and found again
We will meet in the end
To the lost paradise!
Heart in heart, hand in hand
Wishing star is reaching never land

She was hiding the face of her soul
He was calling her “my baby-doll”
She was secret spy in his lands
He was something new in her hands
Talking of yourself to yourself in the night
In the fairy-tales happy-ends, joy and light
In the fairy life fight is sweet and fun
In the real love you cry for only one

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слова песни Марта - Lost Paradise

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