слова песни Марта - Ask Me, текст песни Марта - Ask Me

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слова песни Марта - Ask Me

Boria Waits-lyrics

Call me to show the moonless day
before the endless night
Ask me to dance upon the sky
where everything’s all right
The heart is saving all the rains
that wash away the tears
I stop the train and leave this place
the end of woes and fears

Awaken me to find you here
I hear your voice I feel you near
I’m bad in waiting I hate this play
Your kisses and hugs so faraway
Your words I need to get the sense
I need a hint, I need a chance
You make me feel, you make me cry
They ask me why-I don’t know why

You name the place, you name the time
when rainy days are gone
I through the dice, I through the dime
i crave to make you mine
The heart is saving all the joys
that wash away my tears
I’m on the train to leave that day
the end of woes and fears

You see the trains of days and nights
you take a ride for ones
Another me, another you
another feeble chance
The heart is saving all the smiles
to die away with tears
I’m on your train to leave this dream
the end of woes and fears

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слова песни Марта - Ask Me

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