слова песни Ludacris - Rock And A Hard Place, текст песни Ludacris - Rock And A Hard Place

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слова песни Ludacris - Rock And A Hard Place

Hell yeah...
It's an everyday struggle
Tryin' to get out, tryin' to get out, tryin' to make it
Check this out nigga, what

I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place
Bad luck is what results from my paper chase
I keep lookin' but it ain't no doors
So I don't wanna look no mo', what
I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place
Bad luck is what results from my paper chase
I keep lookin' but it ain't no doors
So I don't wanna look no mo', what

[Verse 1]
I need to get away to another day or place and time
And find where reality can ease my mind
And shine on me like the sun to the Earth
For what it's worth, my turf is rough and rugged so I gave birth
To a dream where cream lies between
All the dirt and the gravel so I battle to achieve my green
And still try to move forward at a steady pace
Cause bad luck is interferin' with my paper chase
So I erase the crime lies and sad cries
With sore eyes and keep mine's on an uprise
But it don't work cause I'm steady gettin' jerked
By my neighborhood, up to no good, where bad niggas lurk
They urk me, leavin' effects that's too negative
So Ludacris is lookin' for a better place to live
And I can't stand it, it's really got me buggin'
It's like I'm in a war and I just keep on tuggin'
Cause I'm


[Verse 2]
I try to find a way outta this maze, it's got me crazed
I'm in a daze, so many ways to boost into a different phase

But I can't thank, I can't do nothin', you think I'm frontin'
You hear me gruntin' Lord, you ain't even sayin' nothin'
I need some currency before there's an emergency
Forget crimes, I won't let my mind get the best of me
It's not gon' happen, I'm trapped in two worlds
On one side I see diamonds, on the other I see pearls
It's a whirlwind disaster with two damn sides
So I'm gone with the wind then come right back with the tide
I keep my eyes on the skies and my head in the clouds
And when my mouth is shut up, it makes my thoughts get loud
Just like a crowd in a stadium, bills I be cravin' em'
Money makin' schemes locked up in my cranium
Cause I need outta this critical situation
My mind's in jail, I don't know the time that it's facin'
Cause I'm


[Verse 3]
I'm sick of knockin', I'm sick of clockin'
I'm sick of droppin' in a hole, never reachin' my goal
It's got my soul separated into pieces, it just increases
I'm hit with anger like a cook is hit with hot greases
So if you understood my attitude
Maybe you'd feel what I'm feelin'
And it'd start appealin'
To ya intellect and aspect of dreams and aspirations
Deaf by temptations, even got my hart pacin'
So I'm tracin' a line where I can find a better path
And make it last, sit back and laugh before the aftermath
The tragic flaw is what makes it raw
So let it thaw and I'll get through it even if I have to crawl
My way, I see the sun and there's no delay
I'ma pray, cause the Lord'll make a brighter day
Or will he keep me in this holding cell
But enough with the questions, the only story to tell is that I'm


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Ludacris: Ludacris — американский рэпер и актёр. Наряду с участниками дуэта OutKast, Ludacris стал одним из первых и наиболее влиятельных исполнителей рэпа в жанре Dirty South. Свой главный дебютный альбом "Back For The First Time" выпустил в октябре 2000 года. Альбом достиг четвёртой позиции в чартах, и имел большой успех. Ludacris оставил свой след в индустрии такими... дальше >>

слова песни Ludacris - Rock And A Hard Place

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