слова песни Rilo Kiley - Papillon, текст песни Rilo Kiley - Papillon

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Papillon

Papillon busted free
Though it took him 'til he was sixty-three
And nobody cared about the Goddamned inquiry
And Daga stayed on the farm
Though he found no cause for alarm
It was a hell of a swim but he still had two good arms

Gorillas are for eating
Don't you know it's true
I fell in love with you
And don't you think it's sad
'Cause here we both stand
Amidst the wreckage of our past

And I'll spend the day with you
We'll meet at your house after two
You're the most exhausting girl I ever knew
And when you let me leave I'll go
I'll let you get back to your phone
You mean well, Mel, but you're all talk and no show

Pick you lips 'til they're bleeding
Don't you know I fell
The lair of the queer devil
Is deeper than you thought
The computer's still on
And the webpage is alt.com

And I hope you'll come back soon
And I feel like a million buck today, a million bucks today
'Cause I know it can only go up from here
'Cause she says it's so much better after all

After all we been through
I can't get my mind off of you
It's a hell of a way to spend the whole day through
And you left your name on the bar
You hopped your little brown car
You moved in with Gramps and you got yourself a job

And the room is slowly sinking
But I can play guitar
And Morgan you're so far
Away from me tonight
And I'll try to make it right
By putting you in this here song

Oh yeah
Okay wait
Oh my God, Blake
That's what she said
In bed

Papillon busted free
We watched him at 4:53
And I'm glad you chose to spend the night with me

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Papillon

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