слова песни Rilo Kiley - Asshole, текст песни Rilo Kiley - Asshole

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Asshole

You woke up an asshole
I couldn't believe my eyes
I really hate my bad eye
And I thought you knew

You woke up my girlfriend
I can't believe my luck
I can't believe my bad luck
And I should've known

You told your friends about me
I'm not as smart as you
And all your stupid questions
I don't laugh at you

And I hope things work out well for you
And I am not comin' back
And you knew all along
And you stole my best line
And you're right
You know I'd go to fucking hell for you

There I go believin' you again
There I go believin' you again

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Asshole

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