слова песни Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof, текст песни Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof

if you think you're bulletproof, you're right
because you've weathered all my slings and arrows well
if you think i'm paranoid, that's fine
cause i've got evidence on my side

if you want to come over tonight
that's fine because i have no plans
please be kind, don't drop the rock on me

how many blows to the belly will this thing take
that we refer to as our true love?
we both knows it dead and its been dying for some time
but we refuse to let it go

please be kind, don't drop the rock on me
don't go outside and discover that you like being free
cause if you did you'd be dropping the rock on me

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слова песни Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof

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