слова песни Linkin Park - Forgotten, текст песни Linkin Park - Forgotten

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слова песни Linkin Park - Forgotten

From the top to the bottom
Bottom to top i stop
At the core i've forgotten
In the middle of my thoughts
Taken far from my safety
The picture is there
The memory won't escape me
But why should i care
There's a place so dark you can't see the end
[skies cock back] and shock that which can't defend
The rain then sends dripping an acidic question
Forcefully, the power of suggestion
Then with the eyes shut looking through the rust and rot and dust
A small spot of light floods the floor
And pours over the rusted world of pretend
The eyes ease open and its dark again
In the memory you'll find me
Eyes burning up
The darkness holding me tightly
Until the sun rises up
Moving all around screaming of the ups and downs
Pollution manifested in perpetual sound
The wheels go round and the sunset creeps behind
Street lamps, chain-link and concrete
A little piece of paper with a picture drawn floats
On down the street till the wind is gone
The memory now is like the picture was then
When the paper's crumpled up it can't be perfect again
Now you got me caught in the act
You bring the thought back
I'm telling you that
I see right through you

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Linkin Park

Linkin Park: Linkin Park — американская рок-группа из Лос-Анджелеса, играющая альтернативный рок и экспериментирующая мелодиями и звуком с каждым последующим альбомом. Они самые успешные и востребованные представители альтернативной сцены. Существуя с 1999 года, группа продала более 50 миллионов копий альбомов и дважды удостоилась награды... дальше >>

слова песни Linkin Park - Forgotten

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