слова песни Vines, The - Treddin' on Thin Ice, текст песни Vines, The - Treddin' on Thin Ice

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слова песни Vines, The - Treddin' on Thin Ice

yo,eskiboy(oi yeah oi)
(its roll-deep-crew)

i can feel em gettin closer to me
i heard they'r searching for me high n low they wanna kno me,now ok
i can feel me getting closer to them,
i've got that strap on the back of my mind n im prepared to take them down(down) ye
i can see her,shes tryin to get revenge
i treated her badly,now shes on her way to being angry
i can see it,im gonna be that boy from E.3,
living through the t.v,the soldiers thy'r behind me waiting
im on the way to the top and im gonna take ma area straight to the top with me
theres more artists where i came from they'l be treddin' after me
watch this space im settin the pace like dizzee
i represent the underground,thats where i get busy
my names wiley,call me eskiboy,cant tes me boy im blessed rudeboy
Rip that 's' off your chest rudeboy,ill make you go home sit down and practise boy
you cant match dis flow,im treddin' on thin ice with this flow
Roll deeps behind me bro (yeah!)
it's that to time to get going
now im treddin on thin ice
im at the end of ma tempo,ill be like this forever
im treddin' on thin ice
it's like i dont learn coz iv'e made the same mistake more than twice

im pissed coz,for the last year and a half ive been wasting time
creating hatred(time),im still learning the basics(time)
but im a boy this time,ive got it locked this game is mine
girls come girls go...oh well thats life
im a cheat frome the street...oh well thats life
No u can't take my wife im single,I can take your life
It's grind time,wheres the grim,treddin on thin ice
come here,let's not get up in relationships(long ting)
commitment,thats a long ting
its beter if we'r linking,no strings attached
lets tread on thin ice
girl gets attracted to boy in less than five minutes
watchin a dvd in the teak spot in ten minutes
then im guessin that its time to, hit the back seat
pull your thong to the side,so that he can meet her
the phone is ringing it's her man,he is trying to find her
but,she is with me,she gives me the ultimate sex
im treddin on thin ice
im at the end of ma tempo ill be like this for ever
im treddin on thin ice
it's like i don't learn coz i've made the same mistake more than twice

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слова песни Vines, The - Treddin' on Thin Ice

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