слова песни Big & Rich - Wild West Show, текст песни Big & Rich - Wild West Show

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слова песни Big & Rich - Wild West Show

Im feelin like Tonto
riding a pinto
trying to chase the lone rancher down
im a little unravled
but im still in the saddle
crying your name up to the clouds
Hey ya
Hey ya
Why dont you meet me
back at the teepee
We'll lay down by the campfire
There in the dark night
we'll smoke a peace pipe
foret about whose wrong or right
Hey ya
Hey ya

Chorus: It was a big show down
oh ya we stood our ground
shoot out the lights-
it got a little crazy
Dont want to see us go,
the way of the buffalo
Dont wanna have another wild west show

Hey ya
Hey ya

Only forgivness
will finally end this
there wont be a witness if we both fall
there never a hero
in a battle of zero
theres never a winner
of the quick draw


Hey ya
Hey ya a

Its like a ghost town without you around
Why cant we just forget and
Ride off in the sunset....

I'm feeling like Tonto
Riding a Pinto
Trying to chase the long Ranger down

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слова песни Big & Rich - Wild West Show

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