слова песни Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy), текст песни Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)

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слова песни Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)

well i walk in to the room
passin out hundred dollar bills
and it kills and it thrills
like the horns on my Silverado grill

and i buy the bar a double round of Crown
and everybody gettin down in this town
it sint never gonna be the same

Cuz i saddle up my horse
and I ride into the city
I make a lotta noise
cuz the girls they are so pretty
Ridin up and down Broadway on my old stu Leroy
And the girls say
Save a Horse ride a cowboy (everybody says)
Save a horse ride a cowboy

well i dont give a dang
about nothin
I'm singin and bling-blingin
while the girls are drinkin
Long Necks Down

And I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy
or my Chevrolet for your Escalade
or your Freak Parade
I'm the only John Wayne left in this town


well i'm a thourghbred
that's what she said
in the back of my truckbed
as I was gettin buzzed on suds
out on some back Country road
We were flyin high
as fine as wine
havin ourselves a Big and Rich time
and i was goin just about as far as sh'd let me go
but her evaluation
of my cowboy reputation
had me beggin for salvation all night long
so i took her out giggin frogs
introduced her to my old bird dog
and sang her every Willie Nelson song i could think of
and we made love!

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слова песни Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)

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