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слова песни N.W.A - Appetite 4 Destruction

Appetite 4 Destruction

I got a taste for waste and a taste and a blood
Murder I heard her when she screamed the ";Drop!";
Cuz her son caught the slug.
Relate this to no choice
And listen to this straight-up man before they ban the voice
While I ride to the rythem of a pop
Remember the first nigga that run is the first to get shot
Whoever said that what I say and betray is negativity
Need to come kick it in the city with me
And find the black and crack and fact
And take that shit back cuz they don't wanna fuck with that
There's too many niggaz they're tryin' to calm
If mothafuckaz could get it, nobody would've fuck with it
Appetite for destruction -
For him to get a bit more shit he gotta commit -
Murder in the first degree - a man slaughter
Takin' the life of his wife and young daughter
A whole city of bitches they look sucked up
And the niggaz iz killin' it's straight fucked up
Whoever sayin' what I'm sayin'z for greed
Then I aint even what they're tryin' to feed my appetite for destruction

"; .. you gotta know I'm talkin' to .. ";

That Appetite is tremendous
So I'm gonna spin this
Try for some violence because they ax me to end this
Some trouble that I caught cuz I was noisy
A nigga tried to take advantage because I'm de kamikazi
He took de swing from my hand - thought I was faded
Start runnin' for the door but the fucker never made it
The sound of the 9 went BANG [shot]
And all over the wall was his mothafuckin' brain
Cuz I'm a nigga you can't sleep on
So set the alarm, cuz I hit like a mothafuckin' bomb
I do damage with a 9 in my hand
But the average nigga that don't know me don't understand
I'm from the streets so therefore
You know I don't care for
A sucker that ain't down with the real niggaz the niggaz the niggaz yo
And that's the way this shit gotta go, and even so
But any time that the 9 wanna leave
I got a .38 hidden up the sleeve
And it's ready to go to war cuz that's what it's here for
I shoot down a milion niggaz and shoot one more
And that's a milion and one
That couldn't hang with the appetite
Cuz they wasn't rappin' right
So I had to destroy whoever was standin' in my presence
For fuckin' up da essence appetite for destruction

";They put a hurtin' on your ass, man, you know, they realy degrade you,
White folks don't believe that shit, don't believe that cops degrade you,
Oh come on, those people, those people was resistin' arrest";

Check it out y'all, in de house y'all
So I can show and flow and let the people know
So won't you ease on down to the yellow brick road to Compton
But first let me tell you somethin' -
I possess the 10 commandments of the Hip Hop Thugster,
Known as a thief and murderer :
First one -
Alibi a nigga with an attitude

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слова песни N.W.A - Appetite 4 Destruction

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