слова песни Run-D.M.C - School Of Old, текст песни Run-D.M.C - School Of Old

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - School Of Old

Now the things I do make me a star
and you could be too if you know who you are
Like a bum on the corner big boy in the car (car)
see the ki ki Kid Rock with the Bawitdaba
we hard as raw, what you saw is law
Once again my friend, it's Dj Run on tour
like Dj Run's his name and Kid Rock is his
He's DMC, it's like that, and that's the way it is
Beats get ya open my voice is just like a hurra..
Cain comin' vainin' and feignin' and rainin' terror
Those doing shows they knows I go over
Hoes even chose to pose, but get runover
I comes to see the three, and it's plenty
Jay's running DMC, that's what their puttin'
Never been a time like this that's so vital
I'm the King of Rock 'cause that's my title
Then take a count, 1, 2, 3...
Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay

You see, I want respect, and if I'm correct
Then you're all like a ball that I have checked
And the shots that they take have no effect
Some punk tried to dunk but he broke his neck
'Cause I rock harder, and I roll farther
You wanna battle Kid Rock, bitch don't bother
To waste your time, messin' with my rhyme
The only kick you'll get out of it is in your behind

Fire, flames, my name is worldwide
When we yes yes y'all, we rock it all night
To other emcees doin' rock n roll (roll)
It's Run-DMC, Kid Rock patrol
DJ Run 'til I'm done, DMC's the soul
Got MTV on yo' 'mote control (control)
Platinum, platinum can't mess with gold
We never let go of the mic's we hold
Our joints get played, cuts deluxe a la mode
DMC spittin' flames while your jams is cold
Over 30 million records worldwide we sold
Daryl Mac, JMJ, and my name is Joe
The other emcees know about the show
Hooked the turntables up to the telephone pole
Rock a rhyme 99 'til it's time to go
'Cause before long, DJ Run got a rhyme to flow

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - School Of Old

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