слова песни Run-D.M.C - Word Is Born, текст песни Run-D.M.C - Word Is Born

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - Word Is Born

[Run] Let's begin, to talk!!

1990, and this is what's goin on
to the break of dawn
24/7, Run-D.M.C. in effect
That's ??
All those weak-rhymin, rewindin MC's

[Run] That means you pause
[both] My word is born

Yeah, speakin on truth
from the old school on down to the youth
Since the days, that I was the age of
";three";; stop - listen to me
This is how it used to be - ";go!";
Stand on another line, why?
You did a crime now the time is mine
I school you and your crew, why?
Youse is my brother
Stop - sellin and killin one another
Take some time, to see what's missin
Brothers in the ?, we on a mission
Thinkin back from the sale you made
and back home, a grave is what your brother paid
His life, because of a system
Now you think you're down, you cold dissed him
Shut up, cause I'm fed up, with this culture
And flyin high in the sky, a big vulture
Waitin and debatin, to see who's next
for ";brothers and sisters"; of the opposite sex
So hold on, keep it intact
and go on, flow on, positive black
B-boys be black be proud, right on
";You know we're bout to"; be black
and my word is born
My word is born
My word is born
My word is born

Let's, let's..
Let's begin to talk truth -- it seems

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - Word Is Born

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