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слова песни Run-D.M.C - The Ave.

These are the words that I wrote so I hope that ya don't man
I'll never joke about the coke that you're smok-in
Understand you're fuckin up, fuckin up the block
Got shot rocked and that's just where the shit stops
What's the meaning of this? I must be dreaming
Everybody's ?? when I see men dealing
for a rhyme or rope, or a dime of coke
Sometimes I rhyme when I'm crying broke
Many many many records broke laws, broke jaws
A few months ago I had to ";Pause";
During that time, me and my man
was chilling on the corner with a quart in our hands
A beef broke out, at Soul Kitchen spot
It was crazy Baby Pop, someone got shot
I seen him drop - then came the cops
Sayin, ";Nobody run - everybody stop";
I wanted to run, cause I was carryin my gun
Darryl Mack packin mine, strapped with my nine
Everyone on the wall, that's what the cop said
Everyone complied, except Bald Dread, he said,
";Blood claat boi me nah hafa deal wit dat
Yo I'm a superstar for de world dem call 'im Darryl Mack";
I turned around and said, ";Word up cop!";
He said, ";D.M.C., take your ass down the block";
If it happened to him, it could happen to you
cause that's what's happenin on The Avenue
when I.. ";uhh, uhh uhh, uhh.. uhh..";
";Na-na-na-na-na! The Ave.";

Now on The Ave. (what?) people steal and they dealin away
I got the feelin the illin will never ever pay
Cause on the street, you're never in the fast lane
You go to jail or get a bullet in your brain
People laugh and smile at a stick-up
A young man in a rut, shakin a big cup
People pass his ass and say, ";Tough luck";
To waste time for a dime is cold fucked up
A loud shot in the air - not rare
A brother fell to the ground, nobody cares
You ask why, the baby cry, a man laugh
Nobody give a damn, that's how they livin on The Ave.


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слова песни Run-D.M.C - The Ave.

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