слова песни Run-D.M.C - Tougher Than Leather, текст песни Run-D.M.C - Tougher Than Leather

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - Tougher Than Leather

* due to the hard rock beat and the way this song is mixed
I cannot guarantee lyrical accuracy; any assistance is appreciated

Unconceivable, unbelievable
Grammar like a hammer information receivable
Sent by the Lord, here and abroad
with words well adored now they can't be ignored!

The force of course that makes Run the boss
so get lost because I just toss a punk
Make way today and if I may I say
I make pay with Jay, so get away OKAY?
Gainin weight, I ate the whole plate today
Never rate the great, I go state to state
Just peep and keep but don't sleep or weep
Get deep to leap or I'll beep the Jeep
Put down the clown, get 'round the town
I found the sound that I pound the ground
Get paid and laid, not 'jayed or 'fraid
so I stayed and made, not a bad debate
Got a group to troop, with a shoop de shoop
Shoot hoop then scoop, on this loop to loop
Goin off and off, not soft of course
Just black and back to go back and forth
Go to school and cool, ?? ?? and pull
Got soul and gold and cold hold a jewel
Upset the vet, a vet met a Jet
Just let your ??, and I'll win the bet
Got a punch to crunch, cold munch for lunch
not Grady or the lady from the Brady Bunch
Got cheese in Lee's like he's in jeans
Charge Visa freeze, on these with ease
No dope to cope, just good to go
There's hope to Pope, big nope for no
Quite clever and never, we're together forever
Run-D.M.C. and we're ";Tougher Than Leather";

Strong and mighty hard as can be
?? ?? ?? lie press strong as Dee
Never frightened I'm writin fightin for what's right
Let's keep it ?? in the night I'm creepin with my mic
I got to go for broke, and I ain't no joke
I won't yoke and choke, 'cept you suckers I smoked
Bumrush and crush, leave em in the dust
This is a must to rough, ?? ?? ??
Only strong survive, and the weak will die
As long as I'm alive I keep my head up high
because I'm strong in body, and smart in mind
I was born to rhyme, as a gift to mankind
No punk or chump, never givin no slack
We'll be killin a villain and like chillin, ";Yo black!";
I got a ?? ??, it's me you run from
I'm the king I do my things until my Kingdom Come!

{*guitar solo*}

.. cause .. I'm
Rough and tough, cold huff and puff
Don't bluff the stuff, got enough to rough
Go long and on, no longer song

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слова песни Run-D.M.C - Tougher Than Leather

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