слова песни RES - Ice King, текст песни RES - Ice King

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слова песни RES - Ice King

Although you're an Ice King
Everything that you gave to me
Comes from the destitute and the torn
I can't live this life no more
Just another wasted on
Like a fallen star in Babylon
You said I was your princess baby
I told you certain things you can't possess
So let me go let me go
Cause I

I've given until I break
The ground beneath us quakes
How can we grow when we've only begun
Forsaken beneath the sun
Although I've seen your wickedness
I still love your effervesence
And I know that loving you dont't make no sense
But I guess that's why I like it
Just another priceless pawn
All our dreams are now forgone

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слова песни RES - Ice King

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