слова песни Rehab - My Addiction (Interlude), текст песни Rehab - My Addiction (Interlude)

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слова песни Rehab - My Addiction (Interlude)

My addiction makes me piss on floors
and go home with these scabby whores
i took to much LSD
now i'm in I C U at MRE

Cocaine and Coors come out my pores
Pukin in the kitchen down on all 4's
My heads an earthquake i sweat and shake
Ashes on a coke can ready to melt a cake
Spittin blood, Pickin sores, fuck cuttin the line
Stick the straw in the bag and do it all at one time
Fuckin chicken heads wearin house shoes and rollers
Tried to pawn a remote control as a motorola
Got it beat bop Pubu pull lip and tug
Pooky and snoop-snoop and some other thug
Blacked out in the crackhouse and wet my pants
I almost died, dove out the ambulance
My dads Jack Daniels kicked the cockerspaniels
First i did a bump off my high school annual
Gettin geeked hit the toilet for a quick jackoff
by the time i got a nut i rip my dickskin off
Punched a hole in the wall, i got crabs on my balls
and i'm lookin for a pepple in the carpet in the hall
Runnin from drug raids, my brains an arcade

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слова песни Rehab - My Addiction (Interlude)

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