слова песни Rehab - Scarecrow, текст песни Rehab - Scarecrow

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слова песни Rehab - Scarecrow

I am the everything the all knowing
The omnipotent one
I watch the fields I do not feel
I circumnavigate everyone
I am the scarecrow, alone and disconnected
You stare right past me undetected
I am only here when you expect it
And feel a sadness undescribable
I hange here motionless holding a bible
No revival
I died and became apathy
Then married vacancy
Then moved my children to the tundra of complacency
I do not exist in your world
I've burned the bridges, I've cut the life line
Now all I have left is my mind
Which judges all of you
Analyzes your dumb philosophies
Inwonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology
But you do not hear for I am to you only but nothingness
And I can't understand why I'm the only one that feels like this
It's all piss, I flee
Out of all the people that have left me
The one I miss most, is me

I am the scarecrow and I am so alone

And I've seen thirty years of down time
The face of a clown, a stick for a spine
From a grandiose small town mind
And crows fly all around mine
They shit on my shoulder
I got no voice, no mobility
I get older, heated but colder
No yield in my field, fuck my opinion
I stare at your houses in the distance
Silent persistence at night windows glisten
I got nothing to say cause no one would listen anyway

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слова песни Rehab - Scarecrow

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