слова песни Rampage - Niggaz Iz Bad, текст песни Rampage - Niggaz Iz Bad

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слова песни Rampage - Niggaz Iz Bad

Chorus 4X
Simma rhyme, simma love, do these niggas iz bad
I was sure to suck a nigga, whose the dick iz bad

Yo yo yo yo
In ya face, in ya face, in ya face
Come taste the paste their is inside the hell's place
Back up, back up, back up, back up, back up and give me space
I set the pace in the race
Gloom I count baroom baroom and then soon
Like a local mountain hard explosive
Rims that's reem and concrete, yes an asphalt
Guess it's my fault, no It's a Earth shattering experience
To get strangled from ya clearance gon sample as an example
What make ya creep or make a croak
O must fall into the yard, guess it
Yes it, yes it, yes it, yes y'all
Feel the vibe of the wall
Step in, step real like a record reckin' reckin ball
That's how I deck the halls
Just check ya skills, you don't got the balls


Simma rhyme, simma love, I'm a show brothers
As I walk thru the valley of death, check the sonic boom
Pass the lighter, I beat ya down like Street Fighter
It's the Boy Scout, true game
I'm the A-1, the out the world
Now I'm goin trial, cuz the Boy Scout fit down ya girl
Know I'm the heavy weight, the Brooklyn Bomber
I got to represent, word to Scout Sana
I got my hat turned back, nigga don't say that
I bet ya catch ya contact, cuz Boy Scout is all that
Aiyo Ra, flip the drums, I'm gonna break gums

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слова песни Rampage - Niggaz Iz Bad

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