слова песни Rah Digga - Curtains, текст песни Rah Digga - Curtains

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слова песни Rah Digga - Curtains

[Verse 1]
Bust it, from the dick I'm dissin all yall punk crews
Y'all wack and won't even think of punchlines I don't use
And to the niggas whose LP's I kinda liked
I'm fresher than that, and that new shit you tryin to write
Like mita, mita, name not Rashita
Battle on the streets so when I'm playin senorita
Spend a few peso on some chili con queso
Thinkin how I used to wax rappers back that eso
Be in San Juan, on the carriage like I'm Cam'Ron
Wit a nigga tryin to chew my tampon with my pants on
I'm gettin money off the books like I'm Beatnuts
Make em sign pre-nups, word to my C-cups
Fuck with they heads like Kahlua, milk and vodka
Then tell they punk ass to move on like Silkk the Shocker
Word to my godfather, who bombs harder
Be out to get the paper like Inga and Shawn Carter

All you MC's better stand your ground
Cuz when Digga come around it's curtains
Curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains
(curtains on all y'all, curtains on all y'all, curtains on all y'all
curtains on all y'all)
When Digga come down

[Verse 2]
Some people say when I drink I don't act right
Raisin my voice, I see some bitch and start a cat fight
or in my travels, grabbin slices from S'Barro's
Eyein fake niggas like they intimate apparel
20,000 seaters, heads givin me pounds
Even biggin me for shit I did for Lyricist Lounge
Like, ";How can I be down?";, hoes I don't trust ya
Playin me close so I can hook you up with Busta
Fuck an entourage, I'm the bitch that roll dolo
More still than mo-mo's and a 4-4 on my polo

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слова песни Rah Digga - Curtains

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