слова песни Steve Earle - Another Town, текст песни Steve Earle - Another Town

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слова песни Steve Earle - Another Town

One of these days when my minds made up
And I'm sick and tired of hangin' around
I'll be on my way in a cloud of dust
On the road to another town
Once upon a time I loved this house
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout burnin' it down
And I'll be long gone when the fire burns out
On the way to another town
To see another city in another light
With my past behind me and my future bright

One of these days when I've had enough
Buddy, you ain't gonna see me around
Just as soon as I get my courage up
Gonna take it to another town

I used to walk these streets with my head held high
Now I'm always lookin' down at the ground
But I see my feet on the outbound side
Of a road to another town

And I'm gonna tell everybody I know
Yeah I'm gonna spread it around
That there's a great big world out there where I go

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слова песни Steve Earle - Another Town

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