слова песни Smif-N-Wessun - Next Shit, текст песни Smif-N-Wessun - Next Shit

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слова песни Smif-N-Wessun - Next Shit

Blaka! That's my alarm clock a-shot
Empty out the clip, of a hooded kids glock
Out on a mission, for the green, wit his team
Twistin up buds, puffin on, bloods, I mean
Always red eye wit an evil schemin mind
Pullin off things wit his partners in crime
Not a care in the world, he's seen plenty sniff riders
Runnin up in spots wit the calico and shotties
Loungin on his strip wit his Timbs and his meth
His right hands man, on his side, to the left
Never leave the drink without packin the burner
Got the streets smart, seen for killin be murdered
It's, no relaxin, just taxin
Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk, when you black and
Supportin habits is gettin too hectic
Gotta kick it wit my son about some ol' Next Shit

(talking on phone)

Pressures be buildin in my mind sometimes and ways
That have me countin the many reasons why crime pays
I think about the hustlin games, should I maintain
Or flip and di-shift to the fast lane?
We got a mind, but it takes dough to make bread
We workin wit cement try to make bricks
Time to make a call and get on the ball
(Can't front G cuz we won't be ones to take a fall)
Heads recognize me, so they might supply me
But if they try me, that wouldn't surprise me
But I & I keep eyes open, for those who lie scopin
Me, hopin, we won't survive, whatever
We can do this for worse or for better
Me and my Partner N Crime, is going thru this together
So, knowin we can't avoid all snakes, we gon' do whatever we gon do
To set this shit straight

And that's word to my breadwin Madman
Give the left hand, and in response, say hello to my Timberland
Rack emcees up, and I crack emcees up
Pass the owl, so I can twist these trees up
Boot Camp Clik sick entire loose click
Snooze while me and my crew do some Next Shit


Big up original crooks from the side of the earth
Where you take all your stakes for what it's worth
We represent the hearts of the criminilistic,
flippish, prepare to draw your biscuit
Fucked up before shit, let's get wit the now
Is you down, or is you just gon lamp in the background
If so, let me know, cuz I gotta keep a steady flow
Step to my biz like so,
when I show individuals skills on the battle field
Any muffie test, see we out for call

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слова песни Smif-N-Wessun - Next Shit

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