слова песни Slick Rick - Memories, текст песни Slick Rick - Memories

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слова песни Slick Rick - Memories

Yeah, know what I mean Rick?
Know what I mean Rick?
Know what I mean Slick, Whoa!
Yeah, whee!

[Slick Rick]
Fine grown Pine-Sol
Heavenly rhyme throne
Remember when you were young in the 70 time zone
Stages, ages about seven I say kid
The dress code of our parents looked awfully outrageous
Not down on em, games and clownin
When soul was at it's highest rate like James Brown 'n them
??, A groovy era acting
Member seeing Shaft in the movie theater back then?
I feel Richard Roundtree got 'em a fly deal
Black man wearin' bell bottom and high heels
Laughed a lot, some action mass production
Remember when cars were darn near half a block long?
Parents were so into that crap
Bunch a sweet memories to us older rap cats
Muhammad Ali knucklin in tournament
Pimp daddy hats with buckles and ornaments
How we forget snappy
Five people sleepin' in one matress and yet happy
Could even make sex seem sour
As I impress the world with my extreme power, cause

Chorus: repeat 2X

Rick make memories sealed in almanacs
Not to mention the immence appeal the mack hat
When you wake up in the morning (redeem from any crap)
Because I bring that love and feeling back to rap

[Slick Rick]
For situated as poor beneficialator
Kool-Aid couldn't last a hot minute in the 'frigerator
School notes, slidin and stealin, hidin 'em
Bazooka, bubble gum cartoons still inside of 'em
No way same essence of ?
Pimps flyest dressin' muthafuckas, weren't they?
But hood lies, you afraid of a good wine?
I used to love the actor who portrayed one on Good Times
You need a friend to ? a soul, man it kinda slow
One thing 'bout a bro, overflow when it ?
Life, a pitiful game
'Member the robot?
That was my shit on Soul Train
Got hyped to, psyched to,
And the feelin's right to chillin' on the fire
escape on a nice night too
No, I'm not gon' try to hurt the ?
Remember ride on blood and dry turkey slang?
Brothers chippin' in for alcoholic money
When you look at old flicks don't we all look funny?
Could even make sex seem sour
As I impress the world with my extreme power, cause

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слова песни Slick Rick - Memories

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