слова песни Slick Rick - Kill Niggaz, текст песни Slick Rick - Kill Niggaz

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слова песни Slick Rick - Kill Niggaz

Yeah, check, check, I can't, I can't manage I, I can't
(But you must Rick) I can't, I can't manage
(But you must Rick) Ah, shit

Hoes ass kiss cause I'm like Jason, vision
Releasin' me a basket case from prison - Pissed
Blood feenin', the villain like 'Wassup ya'll'
Deep down schemin' how to kill 'em
Misleadin' a bit, although proceedin' a hit
I made 'em feel I'd never jeopardise my freedom for shit
Played the empty headed part,
Though the moment they dreaded start, neat
Back of the head and took the credit card
Seen properly decease,
Made it look like an everyday robbery to police
And I's out
Police believed a thief pop for sureity, a jerky
Alert the rest to beef up security
And not to get flashy, although another blast occurred
Another brother deservin' to get massacred
Pleasure in poppin' that flea
Should a heard mister tough guy coppin' mad pleas
Not insane, nor am I biased
Though feels good to watch a motherfucker die before
my fly ass
Ain't nuttin' to blast, fuck it
Then I put some crack vials in the ass pocket and was off
Police said a thug awaited, since I didn't leave no evidence
A drug related incident

I still clock the mil' figures, cock back triggers
Reason why your girlfriends dig us - cause I kill niggaz

You are my shining star, my guiding light, my thug fantasy
You are my shining star, my guiding light, my thug fantasy

Well I had it up to here, that's why a brother buckin' trife
And gettin' way with murder, this the motherfucking life
At a jam, nine figure on shelf
While your army a nigger snickering among self - thiefs
Who wanna clock the bread off the next
That's why Im gonna blow their fucking head off
Maybe the victor get stuck up
Giving these clowns opportunity to fuck up
They knowin' that the kid crew showers, eye cowers
And leaves for 'bout a good two hours
While they're like 'we coulda caught Rick what, for allsort'

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слова песни Slick Rick - Kill Niggaz

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