слова песни Slick Rick - Impress The Kid, текст песни Slick Rick - Impress The Kid

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слова песни Slick Rick - Impress The Kid

* originally appeared on the Rush Hour soundtrack

Intro: (DJ S&S), Slick Rick

(Uhh check it out..... S&S......
with the ruler '98........Def Jam.....)
And here we are, in the phase again
That ol' funeral music, is he goin to heaven or is he goin to hell?
I don't know, he's right in the centre, y'knowhutImean? (Uhh uhh)
(Uhh-huh huh, uhh-huh huh, uhh-huh huh, uhh-huh c'mon
Uhh-huh yeah, uhh-huh c'mon, uhh-huh '98 c'mon.....)

Verse One:

Nigga no way rap better than, act better, that
veteran of rap *?ceteran?*
Brung on, motherfucker sung on, run on
Come on, go and have fun on, run on
Immediate considered, no he really ain't
The main ingredient, comedian, must be obedient
Reason why the player who away a few, say that too
cos no one else can talk shit way I do
School kid, the cool slid
and I rule wid, still shoot wid my 2, kid
Ain't no way on Earth to faze Rick, the man plays with wit
Eras-ed the man amazin the bassin
Border him, all on ya albums slaughterin
Better spin like slavery when I order him
Rejects creep yet keep step
Every borough, every state, every country in deep check


Mack all of it, controller shit, catch hold of it
How you gonna move Slick when cats like solo Rick?
Accept, yet no chances that they make plans
to wreck and make a nigga, breakdance the record
I turned and learned this sequel I burned went
urgent, mad white people like servin
Interested with, gets congested with
clowns, haven't made a record, impress the kid

Verse Two:

No entry, let's keep a hood rhymin shit (A-party people)
Are you tryin to have yourself a good time or what?
No stressin you, type of beat bring out the best in you
Allegeble, ruler came to add a touch of bless onto
Niggas think they bashin me, his majesty
of garbage and never were no match for me and actually
many a girl catch the fever
and I don't need anyone else rap with either
If this is based on skill, kill anybody will
affiliate Rick real to Hicksville
Same ruler movin cowardness out of this
Never out powerless, devour this and now it is
time for one to leave upon impeach
Help teach all men how to live amongst each (KnowI'msayin?)
Although a lotta creep yet keeps
Every borough, every state, every country in deep check


Verse Three:

The bounce men, S&S sound bend
Listen up kid, an important announcement
There's a rapper I know many interested in
named Rick, no rapper alive could mess with him
Lace records all audience roar to
Grand of a show, skill on the dancefloor too
Freakin awesome, of course I'm married
High school broads keep your drawers on
cos this one in perf' case
Guaranteed to make you break fool at the work place
Diligent, shout as Mr. Militant
Allow me to do my thing, it's all brilliant

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слова песни Slick Rick - Impress The Kid

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