слова песни Slick Rick - Frozen, текст песни Slick Rick - Frozen

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слова песни Slick Rick - Frozen

";How can I forget you"; 4x

[Slick Rick]
Rick the Ruler, Raekwon, hehe the Chef, check one two

Touch more, taste a glass of oil
Flash yours Rae
Money we saw, left em dead on the door, dick
Rots look chunky on the index
Straight up, Lee vets and like old Adidas sweats
We the the illest vets

[Slick Rick]
Apologies, even a non-dog holler ";he's honor";
Please, appreciate shit I clog Wallabee's
Brothas wit they fists like oaks wood
Provokes doom, and you're also about to go broke soon

Mad current merchants, we nursed it
Bad guerillas, feed us like guaranteed they gon' kill us
Fleeing, ninety in a night suit, G-ing white dudes
Hit the locks first, we made a right troop

[Slick Rick]
I'm lushin Russian women, via satelite I'm watchin
I dare a nigga say he wanna battle me, I'll crush ya
Even blind girls rush next to Hammera and scream out
";Oh my gosh, get the camera";

Yo we frozen, lay on the bount now, we a day on
Ill niggas yellin ";Throw Rick and Rae on";
Hydro, how did I blow, how did I flow
Did I glow, let them niggas know

[Slick Rick]
Rap wars commence and they kids cause offense
I don't have to say a word and your bitch-drawers are drenched
Didn't say I was gonna murder the fella
But The Ruler got some shit the could stop a herd of gorillas

Stressed wit Hollywood hoes, actin up
Backin up, what? This yours, what?
Crawlin in the cut, we lee major
Gems on wit Timbs, brims on drawn to lay you up
Layin in the day wit what?

[Slick Rick]
Next pull up CEO wit bank books full up
Even though he's overwhelmed, this nigga Rolls Royce pull up
One of the baddest come, noddin to a Spanish song
Slung, orange woolridge park and a Savannah pump

Severe teaspoons, scary money on the moon
Lampin wit a big goon, keep shit tight like a kid's room
Big Bird in the driveway, bullet out Friday
I'm liver that way, I ride only the fly way

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слова песни Slick Rick - Frozen

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