слова песни Slick Rick - All Alone (No One To Be With), текст песни Slick Rick - All Alone (No One To Be With)

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слова песни Slick Rick - All Alone (No One To Be With)

As a youth, each Sunday, Dawn went to Church and
Paid her respects and not to mention was a virgin.
Kid pushed up, Dawn lettin' him
Since he made her laugh and all the other girls was sweatin' him.
Then things started to move without cause
And a couple o'months later kid's pushin' for the drawers.
Under pressure while exchangin' glances
Dawn finally gives in to the sexual advances.
Although it was a mad high cost for her
Cuz' after the thrill was gone, so was the lust for her.
Eventually he left her for another.
Now feeling alone and betrayed by her lover
She cried--for no longer knew which way she headed.
Once dreamed of actually wearing white at her wedding
And really being pure, now she thought she'd die without.
Still she finds strength to continue with her life without
Without love...
Without love...
Without love...

Verse two of Dawn's life--the second segment.
What could be worse than to now find out you're pregnant?
Poor Dawn couldn't sleep--laid awake
Not ready for a child and plus her mother's gonna break.
As she doesn't know how she's gonna bring up the subject,
Consequences of being used as an object.
In church though time's runnin' thin
She decides to have the child because the doesn't want to sin.
Props to the girl although it hit hard times;
It was Hell finishin' school and working part-time.
Yet Dawn did it though her youth went to waste.
Little help from the government, she got her own place.
HARD for an indepentant woman and a kid
And as soon as she could get off the assistance, she did.
Without no man who she once thought she'd die without
Still she finds the strength to continue with her life without
Life without love...
Life without love...
Continue with her life without love...

While Dawn worked two jobs tryin' to meet ends,
Her son was busy cuttin' school and hangin' with his friends.
So when she got words she tried to slap out the taste in his mouth

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слова песни Slick Rick - All Alone (No One To Be With)

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