слова песни Slick Rick - The Moment I Feared, текст песни Slick Rick - The Moment I Feared

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слова песни Slick Rick - The Moment I Feared

Well I'm sittin on my lunch break, grinnin my teeth (my teeth)
It's the last day of the week, boy what a relief (relief)
My muscles kind of ache, they felt rigid and stuff
so I looked around, and I smoked this big fat spliff
Now I'm happy as can be I'm in this pothead spell
I put some Visine in my eyes so that no one can tell
It's 12:55 almost time for the bell
Put the breathmints in the mouth so that the mouth don't smell
Now back on the job, I don't bother no one
I keep strictly to myself and all my work gets done
Now the job's finally over it's time to have fun
and I'm hangin out with Trevor there's a kid named John
Got real drunker than a skunk and happy as can be
We went, to the Latin Quarters and we got in free
Scoopin all the girls like nuttin with my trunk jewelry
cause I'ma fly brown brother and you can't school me
Boogie Down was performin hey they ain't no joke
And a bunch of Brooklyn kids was lookin all down my throat
Was it my big chains with the big plates on em?
Then they rolled on me and told me to run em

This was the moment I feared...
";Hey yo homeboy take off your chains man
Bout to hurt you real fuckin bad, I'm gonna fuck you up";
This was the moment I feared...
";Yo what's the matter stupid? Take the shits off man!
The fuck is up?";

I said, ";They're really not real, they're just a front for the girls";
Then a whole bunch of fists just, caved my world
I was in pain, so ashamed, I wish I had not came
Had to kindly pick up my face and then ride home on the train, then
I went to an open store that's where I brought/bought me a quart
Then I went to the park, and I sat and I thought
I seen Danny Boy though he's with his girl named Sarah
in one of his cars, I think this one's a Bravera
She calls out to me, but, I really couldn't hear her
So I went just a little bit closer so I'd hear a little clearer
She said, ";I need Veronica Blades that's right near Tilden";
I said, ";I know where that's at cause that's right next to my building";
I gave em the information and they went on their way
I went home, and there I slept til almost three the next day
Then someone knocked on my door, I opened up, no quit!
It was Sarah with some magazines and a bag named Kit
She tried to use me and seduce me and at first I wasn't with it
Then we did it and we did it and we did it and WE DID IT
She said it was great, she said she's glad we had done it
The elevator came and Danny Boy was on it

This was the moment I feared...
";Hey yo what the fuck's goin on here?
What you doin to my girl homeboy?";
This was the moment I feared...
";Oh I just KNOW y'all didn't just finish fuckin
I just KNOW y'all ain't just finish fuckin";

Well he was huffin and puffin and he swung at me -- word
So I pulled out my jammy and I silenced the nerd

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слова песни Slick Rick - The Moment I Feared

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