слова песни Slick Rick - Teenage Love, текст песни Slick Rick - Teenage Love

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слова песни Slick Rick - Teenage Love

(Chorus: repeat 4x)A teenage love, a teenage love
Don't, don't hurt me again

[Verse One]
Aye sport, here's a thought from the old school crew
A serious situation we all go through
It deals with your feelins, so hear what I say
It's like a dyke, but nothing seems to go your way
Bust this, two people, they really like each other
He says their's no one else
And she claims there is no other
The feelins are same, and you receive a notion
To reveal your inner thoughts deeply hit emotions


[Verse Two]
Precious times, hopin they won't end
Tell your mother bout your lover
Or so your best friend
Ya mighty proud while your holdin her hand
Boys, yo that's my woman, and girls, yeah that's my man
This pressure brings a sort of warmth to your heart
And everything seems so great at the start
For she loves him, and he also loves her
And it's hard to turn back to who the person you were
But later on, problems start to occur

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слова песни Slick Rick - Teenage Love

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