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слова песни Sister Seven - This One

He said, ";It felt just like the end of the world
to watch her walk away";
And anyone could've seen there was nothing he
could've done just to make her stay
Smoking the remains of last night's cigarette
Standing in his worn-out shoes
For a minute I was in Paris, October of '30
Feelin' someone else's blues

If I could make it through this one
There's something 'round the corner
It's got to get better than this

I tell myself if I make it through
this time, I'll be okay
But it gets harder to listen to yourself
when you've heard everything you have to say
I can take a punch as good as anyone
but this one's gonna leave a bruise
Sometimes I wish I was anywhere but here
feelin' someone else's blues

At night we lay inside each other's arms

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слова песни Sister Seven - This One

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