слова песни Vanilla Ice - Scars, текст песни Vanilla Ice - Scars

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слова песни Vanilla Ice - Scars

Reality sucks, too much pain
I can't explain why I wanna bash brains
Still I can see it on the other side
Got a new baby, wanna stay alive
Give what I give, give what I got
Make it worth while, cause I got another shot
Broken families that always got pain
I break the chain, refuse to be the same

Mother-did as good as you could
After all the abuse I still understood
Three times divorced, and three times a kid
Gave us more love than our father ever did
Now we've all grown and moved along
Tried to forget, but my brother did me wrong
But it's real hard to put it all behind me
It's like a tattoo frozen in a memory
I can't seem to erase the stain
In my brain, things will never be the same
I remember all the lies, f__ked up, now I realize
Never had a chance as a kid, I was a man
Fight after fight wasn't really what I planned

Whoever you are
Beat my mother down, all I see is scars
And memories - what about me?
Throw me through a window for watching TV
Where did I get this anger?
Where did I get this hate?
And where did I get my temper?
Now I'm gonna show my faith
(huh) Never will I be like you, be like you
F__ked up, that sh_t - I'm staying true

My family, true to my family
I'm true to my family
True to my family
Stay true
True to my family
Stay true, stay true

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слова песни Vanilla Ice - Scars

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